Monday, April 4, 2011

Giving in 2011!

When I was a little girl my mother would sit down at the kitchen table each month and write bills. I noticed with great interest her writing little checks to all kinds of charities - The American Lung Association, Disabled Vets, USO and the lists go on and on. The checks were usually in the amount of $2 or $3 - at the time I didn't understand why she did that but what I remember is the smile on my mother's face when she did it. Even as child I worried about money - I was one of eight children and we struggled financially. But I knew my mother was right to do this and she said God always pays us back doubly for what we give.
I had a circumstance just like that at church yesterday. I went to my usual 9:00 AM service at Kendrew Methodist Church - this is a struggling church. It has lost money the past three years and is now running on money from five years ago - scary thing. The problem is not only that attendance is down but oil is up and also the fee they pay their ruling demonination is up as well.
So I give over twice to this church each week - just because I believe they need it. [By the way, if anyone has suggestions as to how a small, struggling country church could earn money, I'd appreciate you letting me know. There must be a way to get them grounded again.]
When my ancestors first came to America during the potato famine in the 1880's they attended that old church. It would be a shame to see it close and the people there are lovely.
Anyway, am getting off the subject - then I went to the large contemporary church I attend at 11:00 AM. This church isn't hurting for money but it offers one so many wonderful opportunities to give! Yesterday I gave my usually monthly donation for missionary outreach and my usual weekly donation. Then as I was leaving I noticed the youth group was collecting for starving children throughout the world. They had people cut-outs in pink, blue and yellow and hung up one on a clothesline over their heads every time someone donated their requested amount.
Then after church when I was putting the weekly bulletin in my car a paper fell out. A lady in the church who usually runs the Vacation Bible School program was asking for donations for Disaster Care Packages. So I stopped at Walmart and bought tooth brushes, a hand towel, beanie baby like stuffed animals, little packs of tissues and so on and since I wasn't going to be there the week they collected them I mailed them to the church.
Then today when the mail came for my agency, I opened a check that was the largest royalty check for nonfiction I have ever seen in nineteen years of agenting. I can't disclose the amount but the book was titled The Harry Potter Cookbook.
I knew right away, it was just God paying me back for giving yesterday. God is so good and He loves each and everyone of us. Blessings to you today.........


  1. I made a public commitment on my blog this past January and invited my readers w/ me to tithe no matter what. God has blessed me so much since then. For me, I either believe He is the God of everything, including my money, or I don't. I haven't missed a tithe and it feels great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We are all humble in front of God! Blessings to you Melissa and Elizabeth!!!!

  3. Giving makes you feel good. And there are many ways to give, other than monetarily. For instance, supporting fellow writers, spending countless hours critiquing and beta reading for fellow writers. I believe you get back more than what you give and that's God's generosity at work. Volunteerism is also another great way to give, e.g. church choirs, soup kitchens, crisis counseling, etc. I have at least twenty charities that I give to annually. It all counts. No gift is ever too small or unworthy, in God's eyes. It so nice to see a blog that recognizes the Good Lord.