Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Christmas Box

I just returned from Walmart and bought groceries for my son who is home from college with a friend who played soccer with him. His friend is from England and is such a treasure to have in our house! I had the pleasure of taking him and another team mate to the famous Duff's in Buffalo after one of the games for wings. In Walmart there was an elderly lady who was alone. She asked me if I saw any Christmas flags. I told her no but they might have them in the dollar store. She showed me some pretty artificial flowers and told me a story about them. I listened raptly and felt blessed that she had stopped to talk with me and share her lovely story.
I bought things for a care package for Luke's old friend from Avon Old Farms who is in Afghanistan serving our country. One of the things I bought was a Christmas tree that lights up when plugged in. I bought him red balls, garland, snowmen and other things to decorate his tree with - including a silver angel for the top - plus a lot of treats. I sent a poor boy to the back of the store who had just begun working at Walmart to test it to make certain it would light up when plugged in. It wouldn't be good to send it and disappoint the soldier if it didn't work. I smile when I see him opening the box with all the goodies and pray he'll know how much he is loved, not just by my family but by all of America.

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