Monday, July 11, 2011

Praise God!

I learned I am up for ACFW agent of the year; this is an award agents are given and are nominated by their clients. The first thing I thought when I found out was that I wish I could nominate my clients for Client of the Year. They work hard doing research, book signings, revising, writing long hours and answering fan mail. Sometimes I wonder how they manage to do write and write so well! They send me wonderfully written books and I sell them - they make my job so easy. I pray for them and for their families.
I had a lot of business trips this spring. Each was a blessing unto itself. I went to conferences in Baltimore, Tororonto, NJ and CT. I have a prayer card ministry. Whenever a writer signs up to do an appointment with me, I give them a business card and then I casually ask them if they would like a prayer card. Some writers say no and that's okay. I respect that. But most take one. I must say, this is not an easy thing for me to do. I realize some may take offense but in God's name I do this anyway. At a recent conference I attended in NYC, one of the writers that signed up to pitch her book for me cried when I gave her the card. Am not certain why but I do know the card touched her in a special way.
I recently returned from a conference in NYC, was going through my mail and noticed a beautiful card with a prayer hand written in it for me. I read it over several times. What a blessing that prayer was! It made me feel rested and calm and most of all reminded me that when we are tired or in a turmoil God IS in charge ALWAYS! The prayer was written by members of the Oregon Summer Conference I'll be attending in Portland next month. It is as follows: "Oh Lord Jesus, teach me how to pray for your servant, Mary Sue. Thank you for the gift she is to all. She serves in your enabling power. Sovereign Lord, be Mary Sue's feet like hinds feet and able her to walk - not stand still in terror but walk and make spiritual progress upon her dangerous heights of testing, trouble and responsibility.
Thank you, Lord, that the battle is yours. All Mary Sue has to do is hold her peace.
Anoint Mary Sue with weight and power and authority as she speaks and writes for You. Cause her authority to be recognized because she herself is bowed to righteous authority. Open doors before Mary Sue as she serves in every capacity. Let no task seem impossible. Cause her to know always that if she will be in You - You will do through her. Thank you, Father. Make us a blessing to her as she comes to Aldersgate. Amen."
And please remember whatever happens to you today or tomorrow, God is there with you bearing every burden. He loves you more than you will ever know!